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Our goal in Arts for Health and Education program is to show two areas of the employment of art and to broaden the use of cultural means of expression in working life situations and in education.

The qualities of Arts for Health and Education are the combined influences of the giving of joy and anxiety simultaneously. The arts clearly have the potential to make major contribution to our health. We believe that every person is unique and that all perspectives of art must be taken into consideration. It is important to take into consideration the evidence of the impact of the arts on health to ensure proper identification of their effect.

Visual Arts Programs are useful educational tools as complement to textbooks on nonverbal communication and empathy. Visual Art in Education is a way of adding new dimensions to persons’ experiences. Through constructing scenarios around a painting a person could observe situations, which are relevant in her or his working profession. When studying interpersonal relations at an art gallery, you could observe, in a relevant and fruitful way, the notions of interpersonal relations integrated into works of art.