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The guiding principle and the foundation of our work are research based on data of the relationship between Arts and Health and Education through Arts.

In Arts for Health and in Education through Arts projects it is always important to have a well-structured and well-organised model and to examine the primary goals and values that are fundamental to a project. It is essential to know the direction of the project. This way unnecessary pitfalls and time consuming correlations are avoided. 

We can provide information on the current nature of arts for health initiatives and recommendations for good practice. The Arts for Health and Education group offers the following program:

* Seminars to key users such as operational staff, residents, management personal and health professionals on Arts for Health and Education through Arts.

* Provide a development of focused and useful Art for Health programs and program within Education through Arts that clearly defines the scope of the project.

* Presentations to introduce the Arts as a Health generating resource and provide an outline of key goals that link organizational and functional concerns for users with different models of service or care.

* Presents research in Arts for Health showing reduced environmental stressors, positive distractions, restore cognitive fatigue and enhance creativity.

* Presents research in Education through Arts proven valuable in educational program on empathy and interpersonal relations.